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CBD oil raw 20%/10ml/2000mg/<0.05% THC Full Spectrum | FOR EXTERNAL USE ONLY


Recommended Dosage and Usage

Narcos® CBD oil is easily applied under the tongue using the dropper bottles and pipette provided by Narcos®. By applying it to the mucous membranes under the tongue, the active ingredients are absorbed more quickly. The 10 ml dropper bottles contain approximately 240 drops, with 1 drop containing 8mg of CBD/CBDA. Shake the bottle well to ensure proper mixing of all substances with the oil. Narcos® CBD oil has a slightly bitter taste. You can mix it with food or an adequate amount of liquid if desired. Our advice is to apply the drops directly onto the tongue. Let it sit for 60 seconds. Then wait for 10 minutes before consuming any new food or drink. The active ingredients will activate within 30 minutes and remain in your body for approximately 6 to 8 hours.

To get the most out of the effects of Narcos® Hemp oil, we recommend administering one drop three times a day. Do this every other day. After two weeks, you can gradually increase the dosage to three drops, three times a day. To achieve a stronger effect, we advise using an oil with a higher CBD content, which is available on our website. The effects of Narcos® CBD oil vary for each person. Always discover the daily dosage that works best for you and suits you. The more consciously you approach it, the more it will mean to you.

CBD Hemp Oil Storage Advice

It is important to store Narcos® Hemp oil correctly, whether it is opened or sealed. The general rule is to store it in a cool and dark place. Avoid exposing it to direct sunlight and keep it out of the reach of children.

Our advice is to store Narcos® CBD oil in the refrigerator to protect it from moisture, heat, and direct sunlight. This way, the quality will be preserved. After opening, Narcos® CBD oil can be used for a maximum of three months.

CBD Hemp Oil Safety

Narcos® CBD oil is not a medicine but a dietary supplement. Like other dietary supplements, it should be used safely. Narcos® CBD oil complies with strict regulations and safety requirements applicable to dietary supplements.

Narcos® CBD oil is not suitable for pregnant women. The use of CBD oil is also not recommended while breastfeeding. Stop immediately if you experience hallucinations or unpleasant dreams. Always follow the recommended daily dosage or consult a treating physician for your personal dosage. Narcos® advises against consuming alcohol while taking CBD oil. Furthermore, it is strongly advised not to drive after consuming Narcos® CBD oil, as it may cause drowsiness. Note: CBD oil is not a substitute for a healthy diet.

Ingredients Narcos®

CBD oil is made from completely natural ingredients, and we are proud of that! Narcos® only purchases the best naturally grown hemp from farmers. The use of plant-based hemp allows for a high concentration of CBD. Each final product is meticulously tested for consistent CBD content. This makes Narcos® CBD oil one of the purest, 100% natural CBD products available today.

  • Hemp extract
  • Hemp seed oil
  • Terpenes
  • Flavonoids
  • Minerals
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